Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God’s delay does not mean God’s denial.

I had a big smile on my face when I turned off the television after I watched the 700 Club Asia in QTv11. My heart is rejoicing as of this writing knowing that our God is a living God and always in control of whatever situation we have in our lives.

Truly, I must say this statement with the most popular phrase of today we “major major” keep on rushing God for the happening of His promises. Sometimes, some of us when we prayed often said these…Lord, you told me! You promised me! You confirmed it to me! Sometimes we complained, and at times we thought that we were forgotten by Him and even threw our fist to God.

But think about this, what if God answered you back with these questions…did you surrender everything to Me? You promised, you fully follow Me? Did you allow Me to control your life? How can you react to God with these questions?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Commitment

Last night, I had a great conversation via mobile texting with one of my favorite Christian friend “a man” (sorry guys I found him awesome in many ways that is why). I will not mention his name since he told me that he doesn’t want to become famous (lol)! Back to the story we had an awesome discussion regarding “Waiting for God’s Will” specifically in terms of relationship. I was so blessed when I found out that we are sharing the same faith in allowing God to be the “author of our different love story”. Honestly, I am so amazed when he told me that he is patiently protecting his emotions and be pure for his future wife (WoW). What can you say about it guys and gals? Well he is not perfect, yes he told me that he had a relationship before with a Christian woman but he prefer to save his “first kiss only for his wife” yes ONLY for the woman that God has for him to be with for the rest of his life but that is “if God is leading him to marriage”. He honestly told me that he was tempted several times and about to break his COMMITMENT but God is good that in those times of temptations the book of Mr. Joshua Harris entitled “I kissed dating Goodbye” inspired and reprimand him about his commitment so he desire to be Still, Wait and Let God be the author of his own love story.