Saturday, May 18, 2013

A walk to remember of God's faithfulness

The countdown begins, one, oh...yes one day left before our wedding.  Joshua and I are being excited, finally after our long awaits we will be united in marriage, in our covenant with God, and Joshua will be united with me as I am to him.  We will become one flesh, and no longer two, but one.  We will be committed with permanence.  

I am personally amazed how God designed and created marriage.  Girl can you imagine this?  God created us to bring pleasure for His name sake but He is a God who is also concern about the life of His creations.  Isn't it amazing?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awesome God in a Summer Vacation Learning

Today's routine was different than the past days we had.  We are almost done with the wedding preparations and  just chilling while waiting for our most awaiting day and since the summer vacation just started, most of the kids stayed at home and alas, for the first time I saw kids playing in front of the neighbor house.  During my first day in Henderson, I was wondering why I couldn't see kids and Joshua mentioned that they were in school.  They were picked up early by the school bus.

Grammy's house were filled with laughter and voices of Joshua's little cousins.  Sydney's at her young age of 11 is intellectual and  fond in learning new things, art work and even new language like Filipino language. She's the oldest among her siblings and have a leader like characteristic and she loves to teach.   

While Kyndell, at the age of 6 years old is full of sweetness and charisma.  She knows how to appreciate people and always picked flowers at the back yard and handed to me with her sweet smile on her face.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Lamb will come for the bride known by His name

Joshua, my husband to be in just three days and I, together had a re-commitment of our faith in Christ and got baptized in the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ at Christ Community Church.  The baptism was ministered by Pastor Michael Rickenbaker right after the Bible study service as witnessed by the whole congregation.  

Years ago, when I was still in the Philippines and while waiting for the approval of the visa Joshua filed, we both desired and planned to be baptized together before our wedding, we prayed about it, waited and sometimes in the midst of our waiting we lost our patience but the good thing about it we both learned to put our hope in Christ and allowed the Holy Spirit to work on it according to His timing and it happened. Truly He fulfills the desire of those who fear Him.  We praise God for all His faithfulness in our lives and in our relationship.