Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Women, empower your heart

Woman, did you ever felt like Adam don’t value your existence? Even you bargained your heart; the only thing you’ve got from him was a fleeting look. Or maybe you became over confident with your intuition that you “felt like” the feeling was mutual and for a shorter period of time you became emotionally attached with him and at the end you found out that his heart already belongs to someone. Ouch, surely it hurts a lot. But who’s to blame?

Woman, did you ever try this? Because you can’t wait for God’s timing in your life and doubt God’s goodness, you go beyond the limitation. You pursue him; you played the role that is naturally for Adam. You felt like you can’t contain your feelings anymore, so without thinking twice you opened the valve gate of your emotion. But the saddest part, Adam rejected your proposal and apologetically told you that you’re just a friend for him and there’s no way for you to become

his other half? Or in short you’re not the “missing rib”. Ouch, surely it hurts a lot. But who’s to blame?
Or did you ever felt like you already found your Adam? You believed that the man in front of you was destined to you. You became blind to discern the lies, because your flesh obtains pleasure from sharing a cup of tea with Satan. And when he was about to devour your soul, you became awake and you found out that it was just a dream and not reality. Ouch, surely it hurts a lot. But who’s to blame?

Surely girls, it hurts a lot. I exactly knew what it felt like, because I've been there before.

That is why I am bold to throw an encouragement. It’s hard on my part not to do something knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. Woman, together let us empower our hearts.