Thursday, August 4, 2011

“Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since the day I officially met the hottie Nuffnang through me Nuffnanger friend”

What’s Hot? Let me shout it out! August 3, 2011, a very remarkable day for me. My webmail inbox was kind a hosting a "sizzling electronic" party because of non-stop receiving of e-mail updates from the hottest bloggers crony of Pinoy bloggers. Can you imagine that?
I was stunned; imagine the numbers of articles I received everyday that composed of hundreds or thousands of words? Behind these were the bloggers with different individuality and unique style in writing, creating a collective thought for the benefits of you and me or vice versa. Get it? IT’S ALL ABOUT US, the connection that made this community always Hot and Alive.
Without the hottest updates I received from our highly respected bloggers including thehottest youyes you, (let me give you a big hand of applause clap, clap, clap) this question was not possibly brought up. How to monetize a blog? This became a passage for me to be introduced by blogger junkie to the fastest spreading and Asia Pacific’s First Blog Advertising Community “Nuffnang”…that offers an enticing & hottest soup bowl that whirl my appetite. Burp