Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Divine Intervention

It's been an efficient day for Joshua and me.  After his morning routine,  he asked me to watched a morning news with him in the living room.  I was a bit sleepy but I couldn't let this moment pass.  Spending quality time with my husband than laying with the pillow is much important with me.  I smiled at him and stretched my hands towards him and waited for him to pulled me up from bed and he did.  

The news was about the United States President talking about immigration reform.  We had a little discussion about the current status of immigration system in the US and those who are illegally living in the US.  As time goes by, I noticed that my husband was almost done with his coffee and not focusing much of his attention in the news report.  It was a red light for me to escalate a request.  "Baba, can we jog around the cloud circle?", he looked at me and answered back with a question, "jog?" and followed by "yes".  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Self-centeredness, enemy's foothold

Today, I am celebrating my three weeks of being a wife and a helpmate to my husband (Joshua) not just in physical level but in the aspect of emotional, intellectual and spiritual relationship.  Both of us are still on the academy of adjustment and learning mostly in meeting each others needs and differences in characters.

I remember one morning,  I became upset towards Joshua because I was waiting for him to greet me "good morning" with a sweet smile on his face but I didnt get what I was expecting him to say with me.  Instead he stood up from bed and said, "Baby (his word of endearment to me) I will just have a shower."  But he was forgetting something, something that for me must be said first before him doing anything else.  My emotions was stirred and I was about to burst out just because of him not meeting my expectations.