Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Home Made Non-Toxic Play Dough

Educating our child's at home in a most convenient, practical, safe and enjoyable way is always on top of our priority list as parents.

Helping her to master the basics that she would need in life like the ability to read, comprehend, communicate clearly, and do critical thinking and problem solving are the essentials we would like her to develop.  

But there is a minor problem if not address properly will snatch-away the time that we must intentionally spend to our child and that is the busyness of this world.  Plus us unknowlingly giving her to become hipnotized by easy-to-access modern gadgets powered by high-speed internet technology like android phone in which you will be amazed that even a toddler like her can easily operate.

The truth be told, there is an alarming negative side effects on letting our child to be a "gadget child".  Yes a gadget in her hands might settle her at the corner of our house and become busy watching youtube videos like approved to general audience "finger family" or playing a game app in which lessens their time to be clingy with us.  But come to think of it, this gadget on our child's hands actually interferes with the talk time between us and our Abigail that might result "according to study and research" to a language skills deficit or delayed language skills as commonly called by others.

So, the good thing was during Abigail's Bible Study Fellowship Class one of their teacher brought her home made non-toxic play dough and  let the toddlers played with it.  I found it a good alternative for our child to develop a new habit of learning in an enjoyable way.

 Barrowing the line from Joyce Meyer:

"One of the ingredients of forming good habits and breaking bad ones is focusing on what you want to do and not on what you want to stop doing"

After asking Abigail's teacher about the ingredients of this home made play dough, I immediately mentioned it to my husband.  And started making our own.

Aside that its easy to make, all of the ingredients can be easily find even in your pantry.  So what are you waiting for, make your kids their own play dough too.  Here are the ingredients and procedures to follow:

A mixture of 2cups of all purpose flour &
1cup of sea salt
Dissolved Food Color in 1/8 cup of Water (each bowl)

Food Color
Choco Brown,  Green,  Blue,  Egg Yellow
Mixed 1/2 cup of dry ingredient with the wet ingredients mixture 
Mixed Thoroughly with a Spatula


Kneading, Kneading,  Kneading!
Kneaded Play Dough Balls

Finished Product, Non-Toxic Home Made Play Dough
Use Ziplocked Plastic Bag to Preserve the Elasticity
and Freshness of the Play Dough