Monday, September 23, 2013

Pregnancy, Overcoming First Trimester

Yes, I am back into writing!  Its been a while since my last update.  I must say, I regained the will power to do the things that I usually do before becoming pregnant.  Speaking of our pregnancy (I obviously referred "our pregnancy" implying that it takes a team of two heads in this 9 months journey which are my husband, me and of course God's guidance).  

Today we are celebrating the 15 weeks of our pregnancy, the first two weeks of our 2nd trimester (the next 3 months of the entire child bearing).  With the grace of God, Joshua and I overcome the first trimester of tough times experiences as first timer expectant parents.  We were able to calmed ourselves and sort all the necessary first to-do-list and be done with it.  The changes that we noticed and occurs in our first trimester were generally the same with those parents but somewhat different in some ways.