Monday, November 24, 2014

Grace Bridge Boxes

As I mentioned in the article, "No More Abi Falling off the Bed", we just recently moved to our new place.  And, since the day we moved, the divine intervention we are privileged to experienced since then became greater.   Our daily needs are being sustained from our basic needs like food and gasoline and even the dining table and chairs in which we used when we ate with our home-cooked food down to the electronic appliances that God provided to us through people that love us and even through strangers (to be unveiled in my next post). 

After we got married, we received a lot of gifts on our wedding shower, and it all basically consists of kitchen-must-have appliances like knives with chopping boards, dining wares, cookware, bake-wares, bath-ware, and even bedding.  With all of these provided to us earlier, we can say we are blessed not to think about allocating our budget buying these "must have" stuff when moving to a new place.