Thursday, April 7, 2011

Its official: What’s Hot? Shout it out!

Finally, after weeks of praying, sorting of ideas, indoor and outdoor observation I have the official title of this electronic page (e-page, as I called it) thank God.

Oh man…of course, I need to think of it several times not just one’s, twice or trice. Why? I believe it’s like giving a name to a new born child; it’s a lifetime identity.

Originally, the title should be “VoiceofOne, take a shout!” but for some valid reason, (no need to disclose-it) I’ve changed my mind and “Shout-Out, Shout it now” was born. But most of the people around me say not to repeat words so the next thing that I did was, I made a list of the possible title, and whenever new ideas came out, I saved it on the mobile phone outbox just to make sure not to lose it even if I forget it.