Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bus Stop

As a commoners and a frequent bus passenger, I found these things annoying on my part: Rubbing elbows with many passengers while waiting for a bus going to Ayala. Become like a smoke-fish because of the polluted gas emitted by public and private vehicles running in Edsa not to mention the smokes of the cigarette coming from insensitive bystander. Being bumped with different daily patient tests was not easy on my part. Overcoming all of these things because of Jesus Christ were truly a blessings to me. It serves as my ticket to take one step higher on my faith exercise called waiting.
Let me share this with you friends, these past weeks I became sensitive about men. I found them striking and a bit hard to ignore. Why? Simply because I found them attractive for the fact that like women they too are wonderfully made.

But wait, please don’t judge me right a way. I’m not a Super Christian for me not to experience this thing. I don't even have this temptations-proof dress that will always keep me safe for me not to face any kind of temptation. Just like every woman, I have this desire to be loved but of course it’s not an excuse. Really my spirit is willing to wait for God’s best, but yet my flesh is weak.
Waiting at the bus stop is like waiting for God’s best to come. Annoying things that surrounds us may sometime discourage us, but still we keep on waiting because we are hopeful that God has something better for us to unfold. With Him, whatever happens our waiting is not in vain and whatever it takes surely God will honor our patient to wait.

Yes, sometimes it will take time; but we keep on waiting because we believe God’s best will surely come, because God will never fail to keep His promise. Agree? 

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