Thursday, April 7, 2011

Its official: What’s Hot? Shout it out!

Finally, after weeks of praying, sorting of ideas, indoor and outdoor observation I have the official title of this electronic page (e-page, as I called it) thank God.

Oh man…of course, I need to think of it several times not just one’s, twice or trice. Why? I believe it’s like giving a name to a new born child; it’s a lifetime identity.

Originally, the title should be “VoiceofOne, take a shout!” but for some valid reason, (no need to disclose-it) I’ve changed my mind and “Shout-Out, Shout it now” was born. But most of the people around me say not to repeat words so the next thing that I did was, I made a list of the possible title, and whenever new ideas came out, I saved it on the mobile phone outbox just to make sure not to lose it even if I forget it.

So please, don’t close this e-page, (I beg you…lol) just keep your eyes open, don’t blink and keep on reading because the story didn’t end here.
Thank you for staying with me. (lol)

My idea is to create a lifestyle-magazine type of e-page, as I’ve shared before with my girlfriends (Yang and Cla) and part of it are to explore and make things happen, to move forward and be out of the comfort zone, to be bold, and to make everything interesting even if its simple. On top of these, is to celebrate the life that God has given to us but not to go beyond the point of displeasing Him.
Until one cold night, while walking around the metropolis God gave me this title what’s Hot? Shout it out! So without further elaboration, starting today, April 8, 2011 this will be the official name of this e-page. Hope you are glad for me, and I pray that my hands will always be like a pen of a ready writer not to discourage but to encourage the readers. Please pray the same thing for me.
I believe if you have the ideas, don’t let it to stay inside your mind. Listen no matter how simple it is, share it because it will contribute a lot. Remember the old saying, "Big things comes from Small things.
So please, always be part of this e-page, because wherever there is Hot, I will shout it out.


  1. wow! cool..ah i mean hot! haha :)

  2. To all: Thank you for your comments.
    Yeah cla, hot or cool pwede na din. Thank you pastor jeff

  3. Hey you keep your word. Thank you for visiting this site. Hope to hear more from you bro.


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