Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is Annual Physical Examination (APE)?

Have you heard about Annual Physical Examination (APE)? It is sometime called as Annual Check-Up (ACU) by other Healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics that offered services like this.  APE or ACU are common in Healthcare Industry and companies who are giving Healthcare benefits to the employees and their dependents. Health conscious individuals are also aware about the purpose of said procedures.

Why a need to have an Annual Physical Examination or ACU?
APE or ACU is the procedure done to determine the current health condition of a person.  It is done yearly to check, establish and differentiate the previous health records to the current health records based from the physical and internal observation of the body fluids and vital organs of a person. To find out if there is a pre-existing condition that needs to be treated and to prevent the possible health problems before they become serious.

APE or ACU commonly consists of 5 basic procedures and these are the following:

1.   Physical Examination-Examination or inspection of the body parts specifically the eyes, ears, mouth, genital areas, anus, and breast part. Usually it is accompanied by health evaluation by answering a health check list or interviewing the person/patient to determine the family health back ground, hospitalization history, medicine maintenance, existing allergies or asthma problem.
2.   Complete Blood Count or CBC- Monitoring the different parts of the blood to rule out if there is a blood infection or any diseases by examining the White blood count, Red Blood Count, Platelet count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and other components of blood.
3.  Urinalysis-Screening or diagnostic tool to check if there is an infection or any related kidney disorders.
   4.  Fecalysis-Analysis of the human stool to determine the presence of certain pathologic conditions in the patient.
5. Chest X-Ray-Evaluating the lungs including the chest cage, for the presence of abnormalities, size of the heart and screening for lungs disease.

Optional Procedures:
6.    Electrocardiogram (ECG) - For patient ages 35 years old and above.  
7.    Pap’s Smear -For female 35 years old and above

Is Annual APE or ACU affordable?
Yes it is. It's better to detect pre-existing condition early than to detect it late. Prevention is better than cure. Mostly APE or ACU with 5 basic procedures ranges from Php. 350.00 to Php. 500.00 per head depending on the APE Providers or Clinics that will facilitate the availment.

For your individual or corporate APE or ACU future requirement you may email or contact the Author/Blogger at to provide proposals customized to your needs.

Proverbs 17:22 

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