Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinoy Hospitals update Trade names

Numerous of hospitals in the Philippines amended their trade names because they transferred to a new management or mostly underwent a construction and transformed to a bigger facility.
But without prior notice and lack of communication this might lead to confusions on the part of the client/patient.
Proper endorsement should be done and disseminations of updates coming from the Hospital administration are highly valued.
I have short-listed names of local and provincial hospitals in the Philippines that changed their trade names. I am looking forward that it will benefit everyone mostly during the time of emergency.

Former Name: Polymedic Hospital
New Trade Name: Dr. Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center

VRP Medical Center

Former Name: Clinica Antipolo
New Trade Name: Clinica Antipolo Hospital & Wellness Ctr. Inc.

Clinica Antipolo Hospital & Wellness Ctr. Inc.

Former Name: Mother Seton Hospital
New Trade Name: USI-Mother Seton Hospital

USI-Mother Seton Hospital

Former Name: MD Eastwood
New Trade Name: Medical and Wellness Center at Eastwood Inc

Medical and Wellness Center at Eastwood Inc

Former Name: New World Laboratory
New Trade Name: New World Diagnostics, Inc.

New World Diagnostics, Inc.

Former Name: Dela Salle University Medical Center
New Trade Name: Hermano San Miguel Febres Cordero Med. Foundation Inc.

Hermano San Miguel Febres Cordero Med. Foundation Inc.

Former Name: Mactan Community Hospital
New Trade Name:  Mactan Doctors Hospital

Mactan Doctors Hospital

Former Name:  
Mark James Hospital
New Trade Name:  M.V. Santiago Medical Center

M.V. Santiago Medical Center

Former Name:  Jesus of Nazareth Hospital
New Trade Name: Batangas Healthcare Hospital

Batangas Healthcare Hospital

Former Name: CP Reyes Hospital
New Trade Name: Tanauan Medical Center Inc.

Tanauan Medical Center Inc.

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