Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Siblings, My Mother!

Growing up I didn't experience the tender loving care of a biological Mom. My Mother died when I was at toddler years. Based from the stories that my brothers relayed to me, I was only two years old when my Mother named Juanita Erenio Calderon was bitten by a cat that came from nowhere. Those old days’ people were not aware about the possible deadly rabies from Cat bite. As old day’s practices for animal bite, Mom just applied garlic in her wounded ankle and went to the doctor and had an Anti-Tetanus shot. After 5 months from the time she had bitten she acted weird and showed symptoms like malaise, headache, and fever. My family said she even had violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, depression and hydrophobia. From February 11 until February 15, 1982 she had hard time breathing and deeply catching her breath. She extremely suffered because of the virus attacked her brain.

After the death of my Mom, our eldest siblings shouldered the responsibility she had left. My sister who was two years older than me and I were nourished by them. The first born of the family, Kuya Louie instantly became my Father and My Mother. Growing up, he was always there to meet our daily needs from food up to pulling our hair back. Motherless we survived. With the support of our brothers and sisters, relatives and my father who was not living with us.

My Siblings played a different and important role in our childhood; they were the one who filled the love that Mom couldn’t perform because of her early death. My siblings doubled their love to us. The death of my mom didn’t become a hindrance for us to enjoy our Childhood. My brothers and sisters worked hard for us to have a normal life.  My Kuya Louie was the one in charged in providing and preparing food for us before going and after school. Kuya Edwin and Ate Cecile were the one who bought vitamins, milk and dress for us, while Kuya Teddy oversees us sometimes when my sibling’s schedules at work overlapped. Our lives were simple. This lasted until my elementary days. We parted and had different lives. I continued my studies aided by my Father.

This coming 2012 Mother’s day, I would like to shout out to the world that I am blessed to experience the love of a mother through my siblings. I enjoyed my youth because of them. They showered us with unconditional love. Imagine they too desired my Mom’s love. Surely there were times that they cried because of missing my Mom but selflessly they set aside their own things and worked together to pampered and comforted us.  Yes we had tough times together but more of laugh out loud moments. God helped us to conquer the flood and made us united.

With this I would love to commend my brothers and sisters for playing the role of a siblings and a mother in one. Unlimited love, unlimited care, you are all great!

Happy Mother's day to all Mother's in flesh and in Care.

1 John 4:21

  21 And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.


  1. Oh! When I was writing this article my only desire was to tell the world how wonderful our siblings are and behind this is to let people know how blessed they are for having a mom at their side. Tears flowed from my eyes after you posted your comment. Yay! :P I love you sis. My desire is to keep our family more united with God's back up.

  2. I end up crying and missing my mother after reading your blog. Now I feel lucky for still having her with my life. This written will definitely inspire people to love and nourish their relationship to their mother also with their family. I was moved..

  3. Yes babay Sheng you are so bless. Indeed! I am blessed to that you are blessed to this writing :) love lots and thanks for a comment plus I am looking forward to see you blogging too:)

  4. I'm almost done with my first writing, I just want to learn first the pros and cons of blogging also the ,limitation for what is the only thing that i need to write in public. :))


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