Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Divine Intervention

It's been an efficient day for Joshua and me.  After his morning routine,  he asked me to watched a morning news with him in the living room.  I was a bit sleepy but I couldn't let this moment pass.  Spending quality time with my husband than laying with the pillow is much important with me.  I smiled at him and stretched my hands towards him and waited for him to pulled me up from bed and he did.  

The news was about the United States President talking about immigration reform.  We had a little discussion about the current status of immigration system in the US and those who are illegally living in the US.  As time goes by, I noticed that my husband was almost done with his coffee and not focusing much of his attention in the news report.  It was a red light for me to escalate a request.  "Baba, can we jog around the cloud circle?", he looked at me and answered back with a question, "jog?" and followed by "yes".  

 Its been a weeks already when we had our last jogging because of constant rain.  Doing things together all the time spices our relationship.  I believe it develops our sensitivity and style of relating with each other daily and by God's grace, we continuously learn to interact.  Our pre-marital seminar guidelines indicates that, "the first year of marriage sets the pattern for the rest of the marriage.  This year needs most of your attention.  Watch it like a clock." 

After we jogged,  we came back home and settled for a while.  I started to washed the dishes and he came towards me and said, "you are doing the dishes" and I turned with him with a bubbles in my hands, "yes, If I will not do it you will be the one to do it" he replied saying, "somebody will". lol.

 This may sounds odd but I love washing dishes, for this is the time for me to reflect and my quiet time with God.  Grammy's kitchen has a window just in front of the sink,  and seeing the green grass, the tall pecon trees, a pair of birds once in a while landed in the ground that looks like playing and the view of sneaky squirrels made my heart feels so connected with my creator and the feeling of peace it brought to me made me refreshed. 

After the dishes, I felt hungry and surely my husband too.  I looked inside the refrigerator for what it can offer to us but this 3ft. wide and 6 ft. tall cooling food storage was shouting for cleaning.  After a seconds of thinking, I found myself removing each layer, scrubbing and washing it.  

I was so engrossed in doing it when I suddenly stopped,  the glass layer dimension was too big to be washed fully in the sink and removed the soap from it.  I had a thought of asking my husband to give me a hand.  That time he was in the living room,  I called him and asked him to please wash it in the tub.  When he was done,  he came back and put it at the corner. I thought he decided he was done in helping me.  I had an urge to voice out that I still need a help because there were still two layers left but there was a strong conviction in me that its not good to force him to do a house task unless he wills to do it.  I just uttered a breath prayer and asked Jesus to convict my husband through the work of the Holy Spirit in him, to give him a willing heart to help me.

I was expecting for a divine intervention,  then in a few seconds I saw through my right eye peripheral vision that my husband returned  with a new roll of paper towels in his hands and started to wiped the inside frame of the refrigerator.  I figured out that he figured out that removing the stained in the refrigerator wall required yards of paper towels.  

I smiled and give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.  I witnessed a numerous divine intervention in my life and all the amazing things He did for us.

I am confident that anything I ask according to God's will in Jesus name He will hear me.  His divine intervention in our marriage is to cause a purpose and that is to bring us in complete oneness and that includes even a small daily chores.  I believe through this, God is building a team work in us and Him as our coach. 

After few hours,  I shared with my husband the answered breath prayer I uttered, and even though I already knew it was a divine intervention I asked him what urged him to returned back and helped me again without me asking him to do it, and he said, "just thing to do".  

There was a portion in the session one of the pre-marital seminar that required my husband to answer this questions: "Why will your marriage be different?  Why won't your marriage end in divorse?" and he answered it with this:  "Divine intervention...we are both encouraged by God, and He is the connection between us.  We both want to leave a better way for our children than what we were born into... we will work together to improve the world at large."

1 John 5:14 (NIV)

14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

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