Monday, November 24, 2014

Grace Bridge Boxes

As I mentioned in the article, "No More Abi Falling off the Bed", we just recently moved to our new place.  And, since the day we moved, the divine intervention we are privileged to experienced since then became greater.   Our daily needs are being sustained from our basic needs like food and gasoline and even the dining table and chairs in which we used when we ate with our home-cooked food down to the electronic appliances that God provided to us through people that love us and even through strangers (to be unveiled in my next post). 

After we got married, we received a lot of gifts on our wedding shower, and it all basically consists of kitchen-must-have appliances like knives with chopping boards, dining wares, cookware, bake-wares, bath-ware, and even bedding.  With all of these provided to us earlier, we can say we are blessed not to think about allocating our budget buying these "must have" stuff when moving to a new place.   

Earlier this morning, my husband (Joshua) together with his aunt went to Highland Church and received boxes of supplies through the program called Grace Bridge Food Bank.  At home, we excitedly opened it all and became astonished on what we found.  We never expected that what we received would be more than what we had ever thought. 

Grace Bridge Food Bank
Grace Bridge Food Bank

In addition to the groceries and food items, we also received personal care products that we really needed.  The thing was, it was few days ago only when Joshua and I were talking about prices of toilet paper and were adding it into the list of items that ASAP we need to buy but since it was freely and generously provided to us,  automatically it was cut-off from our budget for the next month.   

Toiletries courtesy of Grace Bridge
Flat Shoes courtesy of Avon
Lunch Box courtesy of AVON
Here is another thing, even before we moved, I repeatedly asked Joshua about him getting me a facial moisturizing cream as his gift for me this coming Christmas.  And it wasn't ending there, a day before we received these boxes I uttered it again to him reminding him about my eagerness to receive it.   

Now among the boxes, was the small box printed with AVON and when I opened it, Voila... it has a lot of personal care products for men and women.  In some boxes were male shampoos, some shaving foam, perfume, body moisturizer, hair serum and smoothing cream, lipsticks, and the thing I asked my husband to get for me... a facial moisturizer, and not just one but two Anew Rejuvenate Night (Revitalizing Cream) plus a complete set of "The Anew Platinum Full Size Regimen Kit."  It was not the same product I was asking Joshua, but it is far better.  Not to mention a bracelet watch for women which was also an answered breath prayer on my part. 

All of these things became possible because of our Sovereign God, His Majesty, the one who provides everything that we need.  "Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me"-Psalm 54:4

My prayer in Jesus name is for Grace Bridge Food Bank: "That people from all parts of the world will connect to them and be involved to care for people, and families who received helped will be enabled to serve other families and that many companies like AVON be greatly blessed as they allow their products to be allocated in the work where the Spirit of the Lord is." 

For more details about Grace Bridge Food Bank, visit their website at or follow them on twitter @GraceBridgeFB and if you are interested about AVON products, you can visit their website at
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON

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