Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scar Gel Review

We are privileged to experience one of the promising product from Natural Products Inc. As part of their promotion, they provided us a complimentary product for review.  The product is called Advanced Repair Scar Gel and is currently out in the market and being sold at Amazon with a Sale Price of $27.95. 

This Scar Gel contains a potent blend of ingredients designed to help diminish the appearance of scars. This includes Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – a naturally occurring protein – which stimulates the healing process. According to, "Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and EGF receptor (EGFR) play an essential role in wound healing through stimulating epidermal and dermal regeneration. The development of new therapies for enhancing wound healing has included the use of EGF. In addition, EGFR inhibitors (EGFRis) have become a therapeutic option for the treatment of cancer. Thus, therapies targeting EGF/EGFR are useful for the treatment of both cutaneous wounds and cancer."

It is also formulated with Gotu Kola which aids in restoring healthy skin, while Green Tea, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin and Sea Kelp fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage. Your skin will be unconditionally moisturized as the visibilities of scars are reduced, resulting a healthier, more uniform appearance.

I am applying Scar Gel in the scar cause by burn in my tummy. I am anticipating that after I used the whole bottle, it will diminish the appearance of scar.

In addition to this, the Key Ingredients of Scar Gel are:
+ Epidermal Growth Factor
+ Sea Kelp Bioferment
+ Fucoxanthin
+ Astaxanthin
+ Green Tea
+ Gotu Kola

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