Saturday, May 18, 2013

A walk to remember of God's faithfulness

The countdown begins, one, oh...yes one day left before our wedding.  Joshua and I are being excited, finally after our long awaits we will be united in marriage, in our covenant with God, and Joshua will be united with me as I am to him.  We will become one flesh, and no longer two, but one.  We will be committed with permanence.  

I am personally amazed how God designed and created marriage.  Girl can you imagine this?  God created us to bring pleasure for His name sake but He is a God who is also concern about the life of His creations.  Isn't it amazing?

When we had a wedding rehearsal, our pastor asked what he will say once my hand will be given to Joshua.  Since my father is living in a different country and couldn't be with us on one of the most special occasion of my life, pastor suggested this, "Who asked God's blessing upon this union?"  I know in my heart, and in my mind that my family are rejoicing and being glad that finally, Joshua and I with God's blessing are going to tie the knot.  Even if they are not with me physically,  I am confident that they always remember me in their prayers.  I also hold the truth that Papa's way of blessing our relationship, his support and mostly his prayers for me and Joshua since the first day I told him about us are the physical representation of God's way to let me know that He is glad on our coming marriage.  He was the one who gave me life, and truly father's knows best. 

Tonight is my last night of being maiden.  I remember those days how God encourage me in the midst of my waiting, of my commitment to be still, those nights when the devil was trying to deceive me to believe that I was being unloved and how God's rod and staff comforted me and how He constantly reminded me through His words and promises that written in the bible that He is a God who honor the commitment of those who honor Him.

I praise God  for all the love and guidance that even though I will walk in the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil.  I praise God for sustaining me on my daily times of  trouble and spiritual battle, for not letting me to be move and for providing a way for me not to be tempted beyond what I can bear.  For keeping His words, for being a God of one word, for delivering what He promised to me.  I thank God for providing all my needs and my wants.  

I praise God for the gift of salvation through His son Jesus Christ.  I praise God for the work He started in me, and for strengthening my faith.  I praise God for renewing my heart daily for all the opportunity for me to grow spiritually and even in knowledge.  I praise God for all the people He allowed me to meet and worked with whose strong faith in Jesus Christ influence me to desire Him daily.  To love Him, to be prayerful for the lost, weaknesses and burden of others.

I praise God for the people who are unlovable, through them my character are being refined, being polish. I thank God for all of my limitations as a human, as a woman and a follower of Christ because of it I needed and being dependent with Him daily and through my limitations, God showed to me the status and content of my heart, how sinful I am and without His grace I am nothing.

I praise God that He is my God, that I will never be alone no more, that He made me a woman of what I am now.  The life that I have now is not enough to please Him and bring all the glory that He deserves to receive but I desire to live and die serving God.

I praise God for the 30 years of being single and refinement.  I praise God for my family, friends and Joshua, my soon to be husband.  I will walk in the aisle remembering all His faithfulness to me both in good times and even in bad times for I know who I am in God's eyes.  Now, I am being more excited to know God daily, to be obedient, to be a worshiper, to be in love with Him daily, and His words, to minister with others and proclaim the Lordship of Christ Jesus as Mrs. Lady Lyn Erenio Calderon Haltom.

                                                       1 Peter 5:6-7 (NIV)
6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due   time. 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


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