Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awesome God in a Summer Vacation Learning

Today's routine was different than the past days we had.  We are almost done with the wedding preparations and  just chilling while waiting for our most awaiting day and since the summer vacation just started, most of the kids stayed at home and alas, for the first time I saw kids playing in front of the neighbor house.  During my first day in Henderson, I was wondering why I couldn't see kids and Joshua mentioned that they were in school.  They were picked up early by the school bus.

Grammy's house were filled with laughter and voices of Joshua's little cousins.  Sydney's at her young age of 11 is intellectual and  fond in learning new things, art work and even new language like Filipino language. She's the oldest among her siblings and have a leader like characteristic and she loves to teach.   

While Kyndell, at the age of 6 years old is full of sweetness and charisma.  She knows how to appreciate people and always picked flowers at the back yard and handed to me with her sweet smile on her face.  

Cobie, the youngest one and at the age of 4 years old is the cutest.  I am not being biased here but when you see her you will love to hug her all day.  She's smart and always knows how to respond to what you say, and Joshua and I always saw her reading the bible in her own child talk language LOL. 

Earlier in the morning,  I asked the girls if they want to water the tomato and onion plants with me.  My intention was to incorporate learning in an enjoyable manner and Kyndell was the one who first answered with a big YES followed by Sydney and Cobie who was about to run with her shoes off of her toes (she's so cute, really!).  

Being excited, Sydney carried one tumbler filled with water and Kyndell grab the other one.  Cobie volunteered herself, but I told her that her fingers were too small to carry it, that it might slipped from her hands and glad that she understood it without throwing her feet.  With the permission from Aunt Kathy, we went outside.  

Before they pour the water into the plants,  I asked them if they knew who created the plants?  Sydney answered God, and I said yes you are right.  I continued it with words saying, do you know that tomatoes are a fruit and not a vegetables?  In fact its a berries and they were listening but I can tell that they were excited to water the plants and followed up by a question why plants need water?  They replied in a chorus, "for them to live".   

The learning was already started, and I mentioned to them in a question like statement, "do you know that plants are alive?" and we can talk with them?  Sydney replied saying, "Oh Yes!  When we talked with them they can received a Carbon Dioxide that comes out from us."  I told her that she was right, and Kyndell and Cobie started to talked in chorus.  So I suggested to them, that if someone is talking let her finish what she was trying to say for us to understand her well, and the kids agreed with it.   

I asked them again, "So if they can received a Carbon Dioxide from us, what can they give to us?Sydney replied, food and Kyndell and Cobie said in Chorus food.  I agreed with what they said and asked again, aside of it, what else?  Sydney, who were more advance in learning said Oxygen.  To sum it up, watering the plants became a fun and learning experience to me and the kids.  We even discussed about photosynthesis and showed to them how we can use coffee butts to fertilize the soil.  Dealing with a bunch of kids was not that easy, getting their interest and attention was a big achievement.  Praise Jesus for the patience.  Hand salute for their parents in all their effort and time raising their kids.
After our outdoor activity, we settled inside the room and Sydney asked me to draw her something and I grabbed that opportunity and shared the creation story from the book of Genesis.   

While Joshua was being wired at his online class, the kids and I were doing our story telling incorporated with drawings.  I read the story from the "In the beginning" and drew it first and guided Sydney to continue the sketching and drawing since she loves to draw.  She drew from the water, dirt up to the Adam and Eve.  Cobie was seating beside us, listening and was trying to color some stuff.  Little Kyndell was doing her own art work.  

In the afternoon, Joshua and I settled with the kids together with grammy's and Aunt Kathy at the living room and watched our favorite "Litle House on the Prairie" a story about a Husband and Wife with three daughters in the 19th Century incorporated with God's words.

 Joshua and I had a talked about homeschooling our own future children as guided by the principles in the Bible.  God willing and by His grace rewarding us children whom we can nourish and train to loving God, His character, and following His word.  Joshua was home schooled when he was at 10th grade and graduated a year earlier than his classmates in a public school.

Ending this story with the song, Our God is an awesome God by Hillsong which I heard Sydney was singing.  I am amazed how Jesus Christ begun His works with these three kids, and I believe that He has wonderful things prepared for them.

Philippians 1:6

New International Version (NIV)

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

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