Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Plum Fruit

I found Henderson, Tennessee as a place that is abundant with trees mostly pine trees.  When I first got here in the Unites States, one in my minor list that I was looking forward was to see an apple tree.  But, days had passed I couldn't find one not even a fruit bearing trees.

I asked Joshua, my husband about it.  Neighbors yards are big enough to plant fruit bearing trees, why is that I couldn't even see one.  He simply said that the government is monopolizing the food supply.  

Well that was my husband opinion about it, or maybe it has something to do with the climate.  But if its the climate, I am thinking that there is a probability of at least one fruit bearing tree is seasoned to bear fruit in each four seasons of the country.  I already experience the Spring and Summer and I am looking forward to at least handpick edible fruits from the trees of any kind.

I am not desperate to see a fruit bearing trees, but I found it odd that each household is blessed with a big yard.  But, what I mostly see are grass that being mowed most of the time, tall-flowery-trees, ornamental and flowery plants.

In front of Grammy's yard, there is an old plum tree planted nearby the road.  It is full of purplish with a green tint leaves.  If you will come and see it by yourself, you will enjoy the shades it can give and you will be enamored by its beautiful scenic view.   

This tree was said to be barren and not fruitful for a matter of years.  Even my husband told me that he never witness the tree to bear fruit back then as also mentioned by Aunt Kathy (Joshua's Aunt). 

Last Month, when I first heard that barren story from Joshua, and Aunt Kathy I uttered a breath prayer and blessed the tree to be fruitful and that the curse be removed and be denounced from it in Jesus name.  The curse might be in the form of disease that cause the tree to stop providing delicious fruits but whatever it is,  I trusted God that He will do something about it believing that He gave us every tree that has fruit with seed in it for our food.  

Last June 24, after Joshua and I watered our tomato plants, Aunt Kathy called me and was trying to showed me something red she was holding in her palm.  My first glance at it, it looks like a tomato fruit.  Then, I wondered for a seconds if the one and only tomato fruit that we watered a minutes ago turned to red, fall to the ground and when she saw it she picked it up.  But it couldn't be, a green tomato fruit can't be ripe and turned to red that fast.  She said smiling, it was the fruit of the plum tree.  

We were all glad.  That night, after we received the answer to my prayer.  I went outside to the plum tree and right there under the tree I praise God how He answered my prayer, it was so personal that I was not the only one witnessed it but the whole household. 

My heart was rejoicing that I composed a hymn to praise God for His goodness that He commanded the tree to give us fruit to show how merciful He is.  A God who answered a prayer.  He heard me.  He heard my request.

The verse in the Bible in the book of Psalm 108:1 says, "A song. A psalm of David. My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul."  

In my song, I was praising Jesus.  A song that was directly from my heart.  I asked Him again, "Lord, if You are with us and with the generation of Haltom family and that You wanted me to be courageous, still and not to be afraid (a part of His words He has given to me written in the Bible a year ago), please show me another sign."

I asked God to give us another plum fruit and then my husband came and praise God with hymn when he heard me singing. 

The following morning Aunt Kathy was very glad when she showed to me a  plum fruit over a tissue in her hand.  

She said she found it over the grass when she had a morning walk with the dogs.  It was more ripe than the first one and the skin was cut.  We figured it out that it fall from the tree to the ground. 

I shared with Joshua and Aunt Kathy about the prayer.  I was thinking, why  Aunt Kathy was the one who always first saw the fruits, then I realized God wanted her to be part of the joy of Him answering prayers, plus the fact that she always got up from bead earlier than me. lol

My life is not enough to bring back all the glory to God.  I am so thankful to Him because that was the very first time I had a plum fruit and take note fresh from the tree.  I may not see an apple tree but its okay no rush because I had eaten kilos apple back in the Philippines. 

The second plum fruit was more sweeter than the first plum fruit Aunt Kathy gave to me.

We are so blessed and amazed.  God is amazing, and He is with us.  He is with me in everything.  It was a miracle, a miracle that happened daily but in so personal ways.

Joshua 1:9 
9Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


  1. tita this is so wonderfull, makes me remember the fig tree..but in the story the fig withered nevertheless it's a miracle, God is really a GOD of abundance

    1. Amen a God who will always be God no matter what.


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