Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A letter to Abigail Exodus

"Finally, the moment of truth had come.  We waited to know your gender for so many months and now that your father and I found it, bundles of unexplainable joy filled our hearts.  The first time we knew that we are having you, your father and I became speechless, being overwhelmed by the fact that God has rewarded us a heavenly gift that not just anyone can receive.  

I am blessed to have you, and so excited to be called by you "Nanay" (Mom).  It was so silent inside the ultrasound room the first we had a glance at your face. 

Abigail Exodus First Photo
I even heard my own heart beat.  It was like dug, dug, dug, dug (Ayeehh).  If you asked me about the reaction of your father, the moment the ultrasound technician brought out that you are a girl he became silent at first.  Then he asked the technician how sure she was, she said she was pretty sure that you are a girl because of the three lines. Before we went to the Ob-Gyn, we both thought that we were having a boy.  But really it doesn't matter with us, what matter most and praying for is that you will become a healthy and joyful baby." 

Abigail Exodus little foot
Going back to your father's reaction, when we were heading back to home it felt like the atmosphere suddenly changed.  It became so exciting, it was like we were surrounded by millions of colorful butterflies and pretty pinkish flowers.  We were singing and laughing at the car on our way back.  At home, your father showed your first captured photos to Aunt Kathy and Grammy they were happy and excited. 

After that, your father made some phone calls and announced to his best buddies that you are a girl.  He seems really so excited, and that was the very first time I ever saw him like that.  He can't contain his happiness, his hazel colored eyes can't hide the joy he has inside.  I even saw your father smiling and almost teary eyes while listening to the song entitled "Marvelous Things by Eisley".

I once heard an old woman from the Church saying that a couple of things can move a man's heart, they are the death of nearest kin or a birth of new baby.  Right now, the old things in our lives were gone and the new things has come and big part of it is you.  Our daughter, our lovely Abigail Exodus. 

Your name Abigail was a personal choice of your father.  He first fell in love with the name through a devotional reflections from the Bible I posted in the Facebook page Ayin-Bet: 72 Names of God ~Reflections.  It is Hebrew in origin meaning Father rejoiced or Father's joy.  One that will gives joy.  A biblical character of a woman, described as "good in discretion and beautiful in form."  While your other name Exodus, my personal picked is derived from a Greek word exodos, which means "exit" or "departure".  The book of Exodus in the bible records  God's deliverance of Israelites, his chosen people from 400 years of slavery in the land of Egypt through a series of supernatural interventions and acting upon it through obedience to God's revealed law. God's words in this old testament book has a personal calling in my life, to get up by obedience, leave without a doubt and take off by faith.  I am telling you my daughter, with God's guidance that came to me in His words, urging me to move from my comfort zone in the known towards an uncertain future and I acted by faith and given instructions, the three of us are not here.

Photo taken after we found out our baby's gender

The third person from the family who knew your gender is your Tita Beejay, my ever so kind sister.  I immediately messaged her through Facebook.  Surely, she is being excited and cant wait to meet you too.   Your Lolo Balagtas, my father when I texted him he replied back with an excitement saying he was so happy for us (for your father and I) with a reminder of to be careful.  He wants to see you soon.    

Truly, your father, I and you went through a lot and we are both praying and soaking ourselves to God's words and teachings for us to become a parent like the character our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ modeled to us.  We know it will not be easy.  Both of us are novices in this very special task God has entrusted with us so we really need a lot of obedient hearts, discipline, love, patience, deeper faith and God's grace.   

Before we left the Ob-Gyn, we were asked if we are willing to have a Quad Screening.  Its a blood test that measures the levels of four substances produced by the fetus (you baby) and passed into the mother's bloodstream: alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), hCG, estriol, and inhibin-A. (Cited:  What to expect when expecting).  

The conditions it screens for are Down syndrome and trisomy 18, which are chromosomal abnormalities, as well as neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. (Source:

Your father and I agreed to have it, they just drew a vial of blood from me.  It was so easy and almost painless.  As your parents, we desire that your development will become healthy and be well monitored.  The results will be out a week from now so we are trusting God that everything is going well with you.  You are always in our prayers and the church are praying for you too.  

Upon writing of this letter, your father and I just had a few talks about what the color of your eyes might be?  A blue one like your beautiful cousin Cobie has?  or will it be color hazel just like your father?  

Our prayers is that we will be prepared to be a parents that will teach and model to you the fear of the Lord and that even in your development God will greatly blessed you with abundant joy and wonderful health.  And while growing up, we pray that you will posses the blessings and meaning of your name.   

                                                     Psalm 118:24 (NLT) 
                 This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

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