Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pregnancy Fashion Tips

Are you experiencing a little hardship in dressing up yourself because the baby bumps are becoming obvious and bigger?  Is pregnancy fashion becoming so tough to achieve?  You're not alone!  Believe me, at 5 months I myself needed to take out some of my dresses from the closet and tried different outfit in front of the mirror four times before I finally became comfortable with myself.  

I couldn't believe it is happening.  I was confident that my baby bumps would not affect my own style and clothing preference.  Before going to Church today, I felt so limited because of my changing and shapely body.  Literally, I wasn't even putting myself inside the garment. My husband, Joshua even helped me and suggested some pairs of dresses and jackets and even said that I was looking fine but still something was not right with my body.  I was not comfortable.  I couldn't breath!  I uttered a breath prayer and asked God to helped me to be dressed appropriate for him, at ease and not dowdy.  

At this stage of pregnancy, I felt like I became stranger to my own body.  Before, my body always had a connection with the dress.  The  moment I saw a clothing being sold, I just looked at it and paid it without trying it.  But now, oh goodness it took a lot of several breathing and changing. 
So the question is how to feel good about your pregnant body?  
  • According to Liz Lange, a fashion designer "The key is to stick with the same kinds of things you wear when you're not pregnant" For example, if you love wearing jeans you can go for stretchable jeans specially designed for pregnant woman.  Don't try to wear clothes that you are not confident and comfortable with.  
In my case, I wear a lot of dresses.  I don't conform to what is in,  instead I go for something that suits my style.  It doesn't mean that I need to be fancy or eye-catching.  Knowing yourself deep within, will make you knowledgeable in what you should put on your body.  My husband said,  "that the way you dress is a reflection of the way you feel inside".  So if you don't feel good within you, it reflects outside.
Mixed & Match old Clothes

  • You're  not limited to maternity clothes.  If it fits, wear it, even it it isn't from maternity department.(Cited: What to expect when you're expecting).  
In my case, whenever my husband and I go for shopping clothes I always looked for a dress that I can wear even after pregnancy.  Something that is stretchable dresses.  In fact, until now I didn't even visit a maternity clothing nor online store.  Again, knowing yourself deep within, will make you knowledgeable in what you should put on your body. Trust me, it will save time, money and effort.  
  • Be practical, accept used maternity clothes then sort it.  
Though my body is undergoing different transitions, our pregnancy is always a blessing.  We just received two boxes filled of pregnancy clothes from Joshua's uncle's wife.  We don't really need to allocate too much of our budget just to squeeze in myself to new purchase bigger clothing.  There are still some dresses that I usually wear even before pregnancy that I can still use now.  All I needed to do is to sort it out, and do the mix and match.   My husband did say he will buy me new shoes since my feet are swelling  (lol).

Beauty is a state of grace, not a certain look, size, or weight. You're glowing, you're pregnant, and you're beautiful. (Cited:

Job 40:10

American Standard Version (ASV)
10 Deck thyself now with excellency and dignity; And array thyself with honor and majesty.

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