Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Kids' Workshop at Lowe's - Free Holiday Toy Train."

Part of Joshua's and my desire is to home school our daughter, Abigail.  Being a hands-on parents to her is not limited only in raising but of course educating her  beyond the boundary of home.    We are both thankful to God that he allowed both of us to received a first hand experienced about home schooling. 

My husband completed his high-school  diploma from home about nine months after he stopped attending public school which he stopped at the end of his 10th grade year.   While my knowledge about the said program was when I attended The Master's Academy Free Home School Orientation a year ago before we got married.  The good thing about home schooling is you can go in your phase plus the classroom is the world at large.  It simply mean that you can customize and enrich your child’s learning experience by guiding them to go through the given phases not limiting their learning to the books but expand it using the world at large.   

Our main objective is to educate her by training her that true success comes first in  loving God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. 

Abi bed time story with Daddy

Our Family

Since training a child is good as at early age as they can be, we are glad that we are attending a free Holiday Workshop/Clinic for Kids this coming Saturday, December 13 called "Kids' Workshop at Lowe's - Free Holiday Toy Train."  It is  organized by Lowe's Build and Grow Team.  The catch is  to get your child away from technology for a day and exercise their creativity. 

For an interested parent or guardian to avail the said free Kids workshop/Clinic, all you  need to do is to create an account and register your child  to Lowe's Build and Grow by visiting their website.  

Here are the guidelines on how to register:

1. On your browser go to Lowe's Build and Grow by visiting or you can Sign Up Here!

2. Parents or guardian should enter the Zip Code and once done must select a Lowest Store which is accessible from their place.  

3. For Workshop/Clinic Registration, create a Parent Account by providing the necessary details as shown in the print screen picture below:

For those who already have an existing account, just sign in and go to "My Account" and click My Clinic to check the upcoming Workshop/Clinics.

4. Then  in "Add Kids" portal click "Add New Child" then add your child/s details such as First Name, Last and Date of Birth.  

5. After you provided your child details, you can now add whose child or children you want to participate in a specific Workshop/Clinic and once your click register, you will be transfer to Confirmation portal as shown in a print screen below.  An email will send to the email address you provided which is confirming your registration.   

You need to wait for a matter of 5 minutes for you to be able to download and print the Build and Grow Clinic Waiver.  After that another email will be send and enclosed with it is the Build and Grow Clinic Waiver Form.  After few hours, they will send another email reminding the participant about the event.   

We are looking forward in attending this event with our Filipina friend Cristina and her kids. 
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