Monday, December 15, 2014

Sliding Locks & Safety Catches

I couldn't let this day pass without proclaiming how thankful my heart is for every thing that the Lord, our Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)  graciously done to us. 
Quoting what Owald Chambers said, "God will never let you hold a spiritual thing for yourself; it has to be given back to Him that He may make it a blessing to others."

Just the other day while Joshua was outside running some errands, while me stayed at home doing the daily routine while of course taking care of Abigail (our daughter), when the call of nature suddenly struck me (I will try my best not to be so graphical). As a mom of 8 months old very active baby, and so eager to explore the world by crawling, bouncing, standing and placing every thing her hands can grab into her mouth I somewhat master the art of being resourceful without forgetting the safety precautions. 

I placed Abigail's just beside the bathroom opening so it would be easier for me to see her while I used the bathroom.  But the only thing was every time we were in this situation, her first impulse was to pulled-up her self from the seating position and reach out towards the door cabinet under the sink..

Her familiarity and being a "Dora Explorer" made her easily opened the cabinet door which contains some toiletries that are advisable to keep-away within children's reach.   For most of the mom's who had been in this kind of scenario, you can easily imagine for sure how I quickly prevented my daughter's hands with my left hand while my right hand was preventing the door to be fully opened just for her not to have a touch base to these products while I was completing my thing.
The moment I addressed the nature call, I immediately grabbed Abigail and uttered a very simple breath prayer of having a need to get a lock for the cabinet door.   

Every time my husband checked the mail box, I always had the mood of being so expectant of receiving items from goFreebies, an online directory of "freebies".   

So the day following the day I uttered a breath prayer about the cabinet lock, Joshua came home with USPS yellow envelope in his hands.  He said, "you have a package."   My response was, "really, for me?"  The sender addressee printed, it was sent from The Procter and Gamble Company (P&G)...
We excitedly opened it and to our amazed, P&G sent us  a Dreambaby 2pack-sliding locks and 2 pack-safety catches.   Our deepest gratitude to God for P&G and Dreambaby for sending these items at no cost to us.   
I told Joshua that it was an answered to the item I asked God about and his eyes were sooo big and was in awe.  Every time we experienced a divine moment like this, we can't prevent ourselves to become more amaze on how God graciously extended not just once nor twice but again-and-again his great and miraculous moves to us.  His prompt response to our request made us reminded that we are greatly favored. 

On our excitement and for Abigail's safety, we immediately installed the sliding lock.   At first,  Joshua had a little bit of a hard time on installing it even the installation guidelines was already present,   But with the help of the picture in the packaging, the job was well done.   
The entire installation procedure, Abigail was being curious of what her daddy was doing. 

After the installation, she actually tried to opened it many times with all her strength, but the sliding lock served well it purpose.   So the next time our daughter will pay a visit to the bathroom, we are assured that everything is secured.  

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